TrackMania 10th Anniversary LAN Party

GamersNights is hosting a LAN party on Saturday, December 14th, at S7/Little Donkey in Namuwongo. This event is in honor of TrackMania's 10th anniversary and will be part of a global series of TrackMania LAN events held around the world on the same day. Things kick off at 1pm and will roll on until 10pm. Note that this event is partially sponsored by Nadeo, the company that makes TrackMania!

The focus of this event, of course, will be racing in TrackMania Nations Forever. However, we will also play COD4 and a variety of other games. All you need to play is a power strip and a laptop/desktop computer. We'll give you a copy of the games and help you get set up.

Trackmania's developer, Nadeo, has provided us with 9 activation keys for their games; three keys for TrackMania2 Canyon, three keys for TrackMania2 Stadium, and three keys for TrackMania2 Valley. We will hand these out to the first 9 people who arrive at the event. Arrive early to ensure you get the game you want!

For directions to the event venue, go here:

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