Africa's First International Video Gaming Tournament

On July 29th and 30th, PC and console gaming teams from Uganda and Rwanda will travel to Nairobi, Kenya to compete for $1500 in cash prizes in Africa’s first international e-sports tournament. The event will be held in conjunction with the 5th annual Nairobi Comic Convention (Naiccon) which expects to see 3500 attendees over a two day period. It is the result of a joint effort by GamersNights, AbaGamers, and Naiccon and is sponsored by Liquid Telecom and Asus ROG.

This tournament will serve as a powerful demonstration of East Africa’s rapidly developing Internet infrastructure as the gaming servers will be hosted in Uganda and accessed by the players in Nairobi via Liquid Telecom's high-speed cross-border fibre network. It also highlights significant growth in the regional economy and technology ecosystem as the event would not be possible to achieve without the presence of established gaming communities in each country which, in turn, would not be possible without accessible gaming hardware and robust telecommunications services.

[Update 2017-08] - Here's some news coverage of the event from NTV: